4K TV our Projector and which?

Found 1st Jun 2018
Need help off people who know what they are talking about PLEASE

I’ve been trying to decide between a 4K projector like the Acer H7850 and the Optoma UHD51 / 550x

Or something like the Toshiba 75” tv currently on sale at Costco...

I should have enough space in my garage for approx 100” and want to watch sport movies and play games.. I don’t want to go smaller screen size as I might aswell watch the tv in my living room then...

Thanks for help guys!
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Try asking the same on avforums.com
Go and test them out if you can. Views are purely subjective and generally people will favour what they’ve got (it’s human nature). I’ve had an Optima in the past and couldn’t fault it - that doesn’t really help much though!

And as above, go on specialist forums to get a better opinion. Don’t forget to factor in screen and sound into your budget. No point spending a decent sum on a projector then buying a shi77ty screen and naff sound
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I wouldn’t touch either of those projectors without seeing them in action, the DLP technology with the colour wheel causes a rainbow effect. It is more pronounced for some people and some projectors are better at minimising it but once it’s noticed it can’t be unseen and it really spoils the experience. If you are going to drop £1500 on a projector you need to see it in action.
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