4K TV, Phillips or Hisense

Found 26th Apr 2017

Another TV post...

Was hoping to get opinions on the following: Which one to get and probably why?

Read the reviews for the Hisense and seems pretty good, but seen this Phillips TV with the ambient light thing and I was impressed lol.



Thanks once again!!
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sorry this link
we love our Phillips ambilight but the android interface can be buggy at times. we have the 43" in our bedroom
go for hisense

go for hisense

lol ​Reason?
I've got the Hisense.
Still can't believe how good it is!
Have both brands, I'd go for Hisense, better PQ.
In pure specifications, the Philips is better due to:

Local dimming
"1000" vs "800" refresh rate (marketing rubbish - they are 60hz)
20w speakers vs 16/18W

But then again, Hisense get good reviews for the price and their upscaling is one of the best for the price point. I got a 49 inch 4K Hisense last night and initial impressions are good, but I will reserve a recommendation until I've had it a bit longer.
Have the 56" ultra wide brilliant tv Philips every time.
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