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Found 3rd Aug 2017
Looking for a mid range 4k tv. Budget £800.
I've been looking at the LG 55UJ635V currently £699 at Argos. Does anyone have this tv and can advise? Or can anyone recommend an alternative? Any help much appreciated!
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Make sure you get to see the TV you want as some have them displayed on "store mode" where the brightness is on full.
I picked up a 55 Samsung 4k Tv from richersounds, refurb £500
Not many bargains around at this time of year, especially in 55". The winter and spring is generally when the TV prices are at their lowest. Reviews are scarce too, mid-range TVs tend to get reviewed when the prices come down.

If you need to buy now I'd probably lean towards something like a Sony XE70 if you can live with the lack of some Smart TV functionality. Sony were pretty solid last year, the mid-range LGs often didn't get bright enough for more well lit rooms.
I have this LG tv amd can say that it works very well. Great picture and sound quality.
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