4K tv with HDR good deal?

Found 24th Sep 2017
I'm looking to buy this TV but seems cheap for 4K and HDR, £341 with discount code.

Any advise would be appreciated!

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Well it's only 60 Hz so yeah it's a cheap 4k but I wouldn't say it's a good TV.

You may want to up your budget if you want something that will look alot better and last for a while.
M3000 replacement, I haven't seen any reviews but it should be a reasonable budget TV judging by Hisense's general form. IIRC the M3000 went down to sub-£300 so you could probably get it cheaper if you buy at the right time.

It's HDR ability is nonexistant. Support will be limited to accepting an HDR signal and displaying an approximation using normal (SDR) technology. The same goes for everything else at this price though, Genuine HDR is still an technology for the upper end of the mid-range and high end sets and it'll be a few years yet before it reaches £340 TVs.
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