4K UHD movies currently free @ Amazon Prime Video (Prime Subscription Required)

Posted 23rd Sep 2020
One of those should this be a deal or is it a discussion? Is it free? (Prime Subscription required), will let the MODs decide.

Only had a 4K TV for 3-4 months which has the Amazon Prime Video app, but I find the app isn’t great for searching 4K content. So decided to log into Amazon website and search for “4K”, then used the filters on the left to Prime, Movies and 4K UHD and to my surprise found some half decent movies I didn’t even know were on Prime Video let alone 4K. Once added to watchlist they’re easier to find under “My Stuff” on the Prime Video app.

Not listed everything but hopefully some might find it useful, links below to 4K versions.

Concussion amazon.co.uk/Con…-20] – Only hours left to watch on Prime so be quick

The Legend of Zorro amazon.co.uk/Leg…-11] – Only 4 days left on Prime

Knives Out amazon.co.uk/Kni…1-7] – Love this movie, proper who done it even if you know who did it early doors with a twist at the end obviously and Daniel Craig is awesome

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle amazon.co.uk/Jum…103] – Loved the original, love this reboot/sequel, although I seem to be in the minority with this one in my household

The Bourne Identity amazon.co.uk/Bou…121] – Bourne Trilogy in 4K, can’t wait

The Bourne Supremacy https//ww…81]

The Bourne Ultimatum amazon.co.uk/Bou…-83]

Jurassic Park amazon.co.uk/Jur…1-1] – Hopefully the “special effects” don’t stand out like a sore thumb in 4K

Jurassic Park III amazon.co.uk/Jur…-82]

District 9amazon.co.uk/Dis…1-3] – Great movie, can’t wait to watch it in 4K

Hacksaw Ridge amazon.co.uk/Hac…-15] – Cracking movie, can’t wait to watch in 4K

Dirty Dancing amazon.co.uk/Dan…-37] – Nobody puts Baby in a corner, especially in 4K

Shaun of the Dead amazon.co.uk/Sha…18] – 4K zombies!!! Yes please

Angel Has Fallen amazon.co.uk/Ang…-16] – Not as good as the original Olympus, but much better than London, definitely worth a watch

The Hunger Games amazon.co.uk/Hun…-15] – Found them a bit over rated, but hey 4K

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire amazon.co.uk/Hun…-39]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 amazon.co.uk/Hun…-51]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 amazon.co.uk/Hun…-49]

Midway amazon.co.uk/Mid…1-4] – On my watchlist

The Aeronauts[/URL]amazon.co.uk/Aer…1-9] – Didn’t know anything about this movies, but enjoyed it and looks great in 4K

American Psycho amazon.co.uk/Ame…-12] – Found it a bit weird when I watched it years ago, but will give it another go in 4K

Last Flag Flying amazon.co.uk/Las…1-5] – On my watchlist

2012 amazon.co.uk/201…1-6]

– Maybe being in 4K can make up for a really cringe ending?

Bombshell amazon.co.uk/Bom…1-6]

– On my watchlist

Rambo: Last Blood amazon.co.uk/Ram…-21]

– Not the best of the Rambo movies and Stallone is looking old in 4K haha

The Hitman’s Bodygaurd amazon.co.uk/Hit…-43]

– With Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson it should have been better, but will

give it another go in 4K

Deepwater Horizon amazon.co.uk/Dee…-46]

– Enjoyed it first time around so looking forward to 4K

Patriots Day amazon.co.uk/Pat…-50]

– On my watchlist

Cold Pursuit amazon.co.uk/Col…-77]

– Couple of Liam Neeson movies, never really repeated the success of Taken but

worth a watch

The Commuter amazon.co.uk/Com…102]

Warrior amazon.co.uk/War…47]

– On my watchlist

Mechanic: Resurrection amazon.co.uk/Mec…-48]

– Worth a watch if you like Statham movies, Jessica Alba in 4K is a bonus

Ghostbusters II amazon.co.uk/Gho…123]

– It’s Ghostbuster 2 in 4K

Pitch Perfect amazon.co.uk/Pit…-84]

– What’s not to like, maybe the 2nd one is funnier with more


The Karate Kid amazon.co.uk/Kar…120]

– Loved this moving growing up, but not sure the fight scenes will stand up to

today’s movies

The Purge amazon.co.uk/Pur…-85]

– The movie franchise that spawned a half decent Amazon TV show

The Purge: Anarchy amazon.co.uk/Pur…-86]

Cabin in the Woods amazon.co.uk/Cab…-41]

– Meh, maybe it’ll be scarier in 4K?

Lucy amazon.co.uk/Luc…87]

– On my watchlist

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Dar on Foot amazon.co.uk/Don…98]

– On my watchlist

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society amazon.co.uk/Gue…-99]

– Better than it sounds

My Best Friend’s Wedding amazon.co.uk/My-…122]

– I don’t mind the odd rom-com/chick flick, watched it once back in the 90’s, I

think it was ok

Hitch amazon.co.uk/Hit…24]

– Worth a watch I guess

Little Women (1995 version) amazon.co.uk/Lit…-64]

– Only seen the recent remake and that was only ok

The Upside amazon.co.uk/Ups…-79]

– A couple of movies worth a watch if you’re sick of action/comedies

Beautiful Boy amazon.co.uk/Bea…-95]

Saban’s Power Rangers amazon.co.uk/Sab…-45]

– Thankfully my kids have grown up otherwise I would probably have to sit

through this, although maybe it’s good it’s got three 5 star reviews?

My Spy amazon.co.uk/My-…-11]

– Kids movie, not watched it yet but it’s 4K

Early Man amazon.co.uk/Ear…100]

– Bit of a disappointment

A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon amazon.co.uk/Sha…-20]

– I usually enjoy a good family or animated movie but not seen this one yet
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