£5 Amazon voucher for completing Prime survey

Found 3rd Dec 2017
I've just been emailed a survey from Amazon asking about various elements of Prime and what you would/wouldn't pay for etc.

Took about 10-15 mins and then you should be emailed a £5 voucher sometime after, easy!

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Ummmmm, thanks?


Oh, I'm looking forward to telling them what I think. Pick me! Pick me!

I’ve had this before but was told I was ineligible

How did you know my email address?
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10 - 15 minutes to tell them it's crap. Couldn't you just use ?

After my recent experience of Prime and delayed orders I bet I don’t get such an email.

Just done this... Up to 4 weeks to get the £5 code

Good to know. I've got this too. I've been very happy with prime recently, hope they continue to keep it up

Anyone received anything?

graemeq42 m ago

Nope not yet, assuming you haven't either?


Original Poster

Prodded them via chat and seems to have been added. Probably one of these ones where they just hope you'll forget.
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