£5 Argos voucher to spend, what to buy?

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Found 19th Sep 2010

Ive got an argos £5 voucher to spend by the end of the month. Nothing that i really need to get and im a bit low on funds at the moment. So i just wandered if anyone could suggest something worth buying for around £5 (+ or - a couple of quid)?

Im 23 years old, just moved into a new flat. Got an xbox 360, ride a mountain bike, have a car. I was thinking of something for my flat, car mountain bike, or xbox.

Any suggestions?


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how about a pair of earings

need to paste the whole link above.

Buy something for £5.00 and return it without opening the package. When you shall return the item then you will get another voucher (not cash). The difference is there would be an extended validity period for that voucher.

This way you can get to keep your voucher. I know it is cheeky but if you do not have anything specific to buy and are low on cash then why spend unnecessarily.

Think of things you always use...teatowels,glasses,bulbs,batteries,torch,candles,cheap iron,etc.

look in the sale section see if you can buy a xmas prezzie for someone!!

Just give it to someone they can put it towards the purchase as its only £5 and it will be yr good deed for the day
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