5 Blyk invites available

Ive got 5 Blyk invites so if you want em, post here and ill pm you. Blyk is a mobile network that gives you free calls and minutes for 16-24 yr olds.


not a deal though is it ....

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no sorry i didnt kow where to put it so i put it in freebies....:oops:


If you have any spare, can I have one?


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yeh ok ill pm you now...


yeh ok ill pm you now...

Thank you jknoxville, just got it :thumbsup:

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why all the cold votes?

Maybe because everyone knows that the only reason your offering invites is because you get free vouchers for doing it??

It was listed on here a few days ago, free Odeon vouchers if I remember correctly.:thinking:

So this is technically a referral and should be removed if I'm correct?

Apologies if I'm wrong!:whistling:

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Oh ok i just saw others offering invites so i thought i might aswell.

Not a freebie, moved to misc forum. Thanks.

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Thanks emmajk42


If you have any spare invites, can I have one??? plz

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