£5 cd wow vouchers?

    Im not sure where to put this but there was mention a while ago about free cd wow voucher from Hukdeals if you had a karma of ten or more and being registered on the site a certain time...
    Im sure i fell into that category.. and was wondering if anyone knows what the deal is with these vouchers and are we still getting them?


    that was probably the newspaper voucher. the vouchers ended a few weeks ago.

    No i think he's talking about the Amazon vouchers Admin offered as part of the (i think) 5,000 members celebration - before you joined blahblahblah.

    Don't know when we're due to receive these pressure Admin :lol:

    Original Poster

    Thats the offer i meant.. just got confused...
    When i click on that link it doesnt work tho

    Oops forgot the phtml on the end of the link :roll: Thanks for correcting it Workoholic...


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    so noone knows when we get these vouchers then?
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