£5 coins..

Can you use them..


Yes you can.

Eh ?

Send them to me & I'll swop them for a brand new usable £1 coin


Eh ?Send them to me & I'll swop them for a brand new usable £1 coin

[SIZE="4"]Chris have you been posting ads globally?!?!?[/SIZE]



Send them to me & I'll swop them for a brand new usable £1 coin

I'll up the offer, I'll send a brand new usable £2 coin......


Why not?

You can use them, I know what you mean sometimes you think these things are for special occassions...

anyway I have a theory that I save my £5 coins as I get one from a family member every birthday and christmas, and I dont seem to ant to spend them so I put them aside and befoer you know if you've got a stash!

Great Money saving opportunity!

Yup you can - there don't seem to be may around though! Only handled one at work.

Not totally stupid. They do produce a lot of collectors or novelty coins. £5 is legal tender though. Although if are worried about shop staff giving you funny looks and calling the manager then take them to the bank and swap them for notes.

I spent one in Tesco when they first came out, probably should have hung onto it though as it will no doubt be worth more in years to come.

yeah i kno the shop i work at wont take them, best thing is to take them to the bank and swap them without the hassle

I was watching the One show about legal tender, and apparently it is at the shops discretion if they accept certain coins or notes, however if they turn round and say they cannot accept say £1 in 1p's because it isnt "legal tender" they are in the wrong...

didnt know that one, but then most shops say that so they dont have to count them!

I remember a bus driver saying it once

No matter what/where you buy a good or service from, the seller has the right to decline the transaction, so legal tender or not, they can still say no to you.

I have 7 of these coins now from different years, but have missed the last 2 years now :-( They have them at the Post Office but normally, or mine at least for the 1st couple of months of the year.

Never seen one.

not really worth sasving as they lose the interest rate ( 6% per annum at present) per year but compounded so in 20 years the 100 quid you will have saved seemsok but in todays money your looking at that 100 quid being worth 4 quid or thereabouts

if you collect then the word mint just doesnt cover the condition it will need to be , BU ( brilliant , uncirculated ) coins will increase in value slightly but the rest will be worth face value inless your real lucky

i like changing them at the post office when im in there and spending them in shops just to give the checkout girls a little something different

Please send all coins which look like this to the below address please. lol


You can order them directly from the royal mint for £5 each inc free postage and packaging. My local barclays has leaflets about them.
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