5 days

    without a fag

    Im gonna do it wooo hooo


    well done keep it up:thumbsup:

    good job m8 keep it up :thumbsup:

    good for you! ive been quit (not that makes sence!) for a year past the 18th…Fag
    Fag may refer to:

    Fag, a British colloquialism for cigarette
    Fag, a junior boy who acts or acted as servant ("fagging") to a senior boy at a British independent school
    Fag, or Faggot (slang), a slur for a homosexual or effeminate man :oops:

    congrats (I think ;-) )

    well done keep off them xxx

    Well done :thumbsup:

    keep it up you are doing well

    Well done. You're over the worst.

    well done :thumbsup:

    well done keep going

    good work :thumbsup:

    Keep up the good work.
    The real test will come if you get drunk (if you drink).
    Just make sure you dont give in.
    It'll be well worth it in the long run

    Well done you, the hardest part is done and the days will become weeks, months and so on :thumbsup:

    Well done .

    Original Poster Banned

    Thanks everyone, I´m really proud of myself lol
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