5-inch Smartphone for Mum?

    I am looking for a smartphone as a gift for my mum; myself, my brother and dad are paying together and my dad thinks that the Moto G3 is ideal because of the 5-inch screen (as a maximum size), decent specs and waterproof feature. But I feel we've missed the boat as far as deals on this phone are concerned, as many retailers seem to have sold all their stock already, and the likes of Argos, Amazon and eBay sellers asking £120+ for the 8GB/1GB version.
    I need ideas for an alternative, with the screen no bigger than 5 inches and some decent specs that would be easy to learn as a first smartphone.

    I have a top limit of £130, but would rather spend closer to £100 and have preferences for a brand new phone, sim free, unlocked (or unlockable) and waterproofing.
    She also likes to take photos with her phone, so a decent camera is needed.


    The G3 is a great phone, at S4 level, but the G4 is significantly better if you dont mind spending £140-£150, in terms of performance it is between an S5 and S6, either way its a great bang for your buck, also i was thinking purchasing one aswell .

    P9 lite is the phone of choice. Only slightly bigger at 5.2
    Consider the go play, that's a bit lore low end to the g4, but is cheaper.

    Do you really need waterproofing? It might save the rare accident, but drops and crushes are much more common causes of phone damage.

    You can get all your requirements, except the waterproofing, from the WileyFox Swift 2 package currently on sale at Amazon for £120:…JX/

    It's 16GB storage and 2GB memory, so a nice step up from 8GB/1GB.

    If 8G/1G is satisfactory, it's hard to beat the other Amazon special for the BLU Studio G for £55:…18/

    Xiaomi Remi 3S here for "110

    This "Global version" is official and comes Brand New sealed box. It has band 20 and also android 6.0.1 (marshmallow) Massive 4100mAh battery and 3GB RAM / 32GB.

    I'm also looking for a similar phone for my mum and came across the Samsung A3 2016. Went to have a look at one in CPW the other day (selling for £249) and it has a very premium feeling to it, looks good aswell.

    You can currently get it for £120 through O2 Refresh, worth the money.…135

    I'm looking for a phone with a fingerprint sensor though so decided not to go for the A3.

    Partner has the Ulefone Power. superb phone build for the money. has fingerprint recognition, brilliant battery life and 3gb/16gb. tis a big bounder at 5.5" but that has advantages in being able to see the darned screen!! If you're willing to consider a phablet try amazon (various colours available)…XMU
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    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for answers, gave me some great suggestions!
    I really like the Samsung A3 for £120, it looks great and being less than 5 inches is a bonus.
    I'll keep an eye out for a few more days, then if nothing better appears I will pull the trigger.

    Might just buy one anyway and keep for myself!
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