5 Levels of LUCKY!

    WARNING: not for the easily offended, or shocked. Or if you wear a pacemaker get someone else to watch this first. Sorry I didnt make this video, so apologies for the embedded titles.

    1. Lucky
    2. Really Lucky
    3. Dumb Lucky
    4. Dam Lucky
    5. Holy Cow Lucky

    clickety link in next post


    Original Poster

    Now thats lucky!

    Seen dam luck on ytmnd.... "barrel roll".. lol.

    Original Poster

    sand has its uses

    friggin' hell!!

    last one made me **** my pants

    They say its better to be lucky than good.

    Living proof!:roll:

    And they let these people roam the streets unescorted.....Scary!:giggle:

    Where does 'Irish Lucky' come into this?

    i thought the last one was ridiculous! some of the others were far better.

    the man in the sand made me lol

    Can we have the 5 Levels of unLUCKY now plz?

    Original Poster


    Can we have the 5 Levels of unLUCKY now plz?

    u asked for it!…d=1


    And I thought "lucky" was LUCKY
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