5 minute chocolate cake!

    found this before and had to try it! and it really works was well yummy.
    link in 1st post



    been posted before

    been done before, there a thread somewhere full of user pics

    5 minutes thats way too long i'll have to have a mars bar while i'm waiting on the microwave pinging

    Original Poster

    but that was agesss ago lol .thought id bring it back to peoples attention

    Thanks!! ...I havn't seen this before and there are plenty of new HUKDs joining by the day who this may appeal to! x

    Is it nice? Looks awful


    Coo, not seen this before, gonna try it, thanks


    Is it nice? Looks awful

    what do you mean it looks awful, it looks like cake.

    could you stuff like drinking chocolate? does that count as cocoa

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    yeh i used galaxy drinking powder and tasted great


    yeh i used galaxy drinking powder and tasted great

    coool lol ive got nesquik milkshake stuff i might attempt it with haha

    I saw that most of the pics in Ducky's thread had broken links, so here's my pic of the 5 minute cake from then:
    It was good.:thumbsup:

    ^^^^ good?! lol.

    looks..not good to me
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