£5 off Edinburgh Dungeon (buy a bus ticket £1.20) Lothian buses

    Sorry, realise this will only affect folks holidaying/visiting in Scotland over half term, but if you are heading there... if you buy a ticket from Lothian Buses (the predominant bus company there), on the back of the ticket you will find a voucher for £5 off entrance to the Edinburgh Dungeons - one £5 voucher per bus ticket. Bus tickets cost 90p per child, £1.20 per adult so potential saving of £4.10 per entrance! It is £1.20 whatever the distance. Also, Lothian offer a £3 all day (any amount of journeys) ticket for an adult (and a similar child's version - can't remember exactly how much) so it may be worth your while asking about those and get an even bigger saving!


    we went in the Dungeons in 1998 on part of our honeymoon.. well worth any fee

    voucher not guaranteed other backings have:
    mcdonalds voucher
    money off edinburgh zoo
    advert for homecoming

    might be others cant remember, dungeons have been the most prominent of late.

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    Thanks, as a visitor didn't realise it may have a life span! Ask before you buy ;-D

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    Must just add for all you wannabeee visitors the roads were a NIGHTMARE (due to the tram works) so PLEASE only catch a bus into Edinburgh if you want to save your sanity! Driving is a definite no-no. Great places to visit - The Dome (Ifor a drink or some fab food), the Walter Scott memorial (for an excitiing climb unless you're claustrophobic) and buses to Ocean Plaza (loads of 'em) will take you to the Royal Yacht Britannia (if you like that kind of thing). Ignore the Royal Mile for shopping (great for a walk though) as it's overpriced and overrated. Enjoy x

    I'd sooner have the £1.99 Mac & Fries than £5 off the Dungeon.

    There's also one for Dynamic Earth sometimes

    Dynamic Earth, its well worth a visit.

    Ocean Plaza is Ocean Terminal. (about 6 buses go there so easy to get to)


    ............ 6 buses go there........

    ..but they never come back... :? [COLOR="Blue"]DUN DUNN DUUUUNNN [/COLOR] !!

    Cant you get 2 for 1on the dungeon on all these websites that offer deals on the same old stuff in scotland? My kids are too young for the dungeon, so that's why I cant say for certain


    Adult: £13.95
    Child: £9.95
    Concessions: £12.95

    Family: £44.00

    £2.50 for a kids daysaver on the bus I believe

    sorry but Edinburgh Dungeon isn't great according to reviews…tml

    I've been on a 2 for 1 through The AA and that was just about worth it. There are 2 for 1 offers so I have to vote cold!

    Hi, just thought I'd help with the fares here:
    Adult day ticket = £3.00
    Child day ticket = £2.40
    These are valid on any Lothian bus from 5a.m. until midnight (ish)

    Adult single = £1.20
    Child single = £0.70

    Always happy to have you travel with them no matter where you're from :thumbsup:

    listen up people
    i live in the mighty capital
    trams are pish.
    walk everywere
    dont get a bus
    dont get a tram
    walking is free and good for you
    ok it may take a bit longer? (maybe not )
    ive stayed in edinburgh for 40 years and neva been to the dungeons
    the best places in edinburgh are free

    £2 off entrance to the Camera Obscura is the latest offer - well worth it (but it wasn't yesterday)

    Remember exact change for the bus as well!! Otherwise they may give you a funny look! Also, for shorter journeys (half-hour walks) during the weekdays for 4 people a taxi may be the cheaper option! 2 for 1 offers can be found online anyway for the dungeons, and there is some sort of attraction pass in Edinburgh that gets you into loads of places... never used it though!
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