5 Passengers 4 seat belts

    I am going out later today with my OH and my 2(adult) grandchildren and have been asked to give somebody a lift on return, however my car has only 2 rear seat belts and I have said no. Does anybody know legally where you would stand, I have googled this and all I can find is 'passengers must wear seat belts if they are fitted', which doesn't really answer the question - would it be illegal


    'passengers must wear seat belts if they are fitted' pretty simple really
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    When you say your car only has 2 rear seat belts do you mean it only has 2 rear seats? Surely it's only a 4 seater car and therefore you could get fined/points and insurance would be invalid.

    is your car 4 seats or 5 seats ? it says on the V5

    Your V5 form declares how many seats your car has. To be declared as a "seat" it must have a seatbelt. To answer your question straight yes it is illegal and also might invalidate your insurance if anything should happen (off course we pray nothing would).

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    is your car 4 seats or 5 seats ? it says on the V5

    Thank you - I've just looked at the V5 - it's a 4 seater

    Thank you for all your responses (I was worried about being coerced, now I don't need to be!!!)


    it's a simple answer really. it's like having 6 people sitting in a 5 seater car,
    you would be adding one extra passenger.
    those 4 seater cars like Toyota aygo are for 4 passengers
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