ive been looking for a while for a 2nd hand soft top jeep type of car, but all the ones ive saw that state are 5 seaters, there only seems to be 2 proper seats in the back instead (these usually are the 2 door ones though so im guessing i prob need a 4 door?)

    i need one that would fit 2 child car seats and a person in the back- and must be a soft top lol.

    i know my price range really limits me, but if anyone has any ideas on what type of car i can get that meets my criteria or an average sort of price i would be looking to pay for what i want , insurance cost, petrol consumption- absolutely any advice that would be brilliant!!!!! thanks in advance


    Personally i would forget the whole idea unless you need one (as opposed to want one) Our Next door neighbour had the same thought and bought a Freelander (with a slide off roof). They had it for the summer and sold it just before Christmas because 1) it only had 3 doors and was very cramped with a 3rd backseat passenger 2) It had a very small boot 3) It was a complete pain to twist round to get their 2 kids into their carseats 4) it cost a fortune to run (insurance, fuel, parts etc) You obviously have young children, and i would be concerned as to just how safe a 2nd hand soft top jeep would be, it you can get one for under 1000.00

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    thanks for response jelli. i never thought of it in that sense with regards to the insurance, tax, mot costs etc. ive had 2 doors before and have now where its been pain to get kids in and out, so your neighbours car sounds like i would have another nightmare! i know what you mean about the cost probably have a leaky roof or something lol

    i have a nissan micra at moment, and although really cheap on insurance and petrol its a nightmare to get kids in and out, and i have no respect on the roads! (the amount of people that cut me up and over take me is unbeleivable!)

    if you or anyone else have any ideas on any decent 4 doors-5 seats, good on petrol, cheap insurance and again under 1000 mark would be great help. thanks guys!

    They would still cut you up driving a jeep.
    I used to drive a bus and even that did not stop them
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