5 second rule board game

Found 3rd Dec 2017
Saw this on Good Morning's round up of best board games and thought it looked good fun.
Went online to find best price but I see the box says for 3 - 6 players.
Why is it not playable with only 2 people? Has anybody got this and could say why.
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just less entertaining I guess
We've got it and it's really fun but it would be tricky to play with just 2. One person reads the card and turns the timer while another person tries to give 3 answers within the 5 second. If they fail then it goes to the next person who tries to give 3 different answers to the same question in 5 seconds. It does need a minimum of 3 people really,
Thanks folks. Will give it a miss then as there's only us two.
you can play with two. you can play with 12
we play with 10 seconds rather than 5
my friend and I both have this, neither has ever taken the board out of its box, just use the cards and the timer
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