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5 speeding tickets in 5 days

Posted 19th Apr 2014
The Hammersmith Flyover has been reduced to 30 mph from 40 mph whilst roadworks are being carried out. I travel the route every day at around 5.30 am before the roadworks start and it's very quiet. Stupidly I hadn't adjusted my speed down and I hadn't realised there were cameras in operation and before I realised this I've been hit with FIVE notices of intended prosecution all within the space of a week. I was doing 41, 37 mph respectively. I absolutely realise this is down to my own stupidity but I wonder if there is any course of action I can take to minimise the damage. I already have 6 points on my license and another point would mean a ban I assume. I'm a driver by trade therefore this would end my livelihood. Any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
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