5 Year John Lewis guarantee vs Richter sounds 6 years - Which is better?

Found 27th Nov 2017
When buying a TV, are there any differences in the guarantee policys ? Which company would you go for and why?

Thanks appreciate any help
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I don't think they'd be much difference but I'd edge Richer Sounds over JL. I'd just go for the best deal you can get because failure rates on TV's are pretty low on big brands.
Richer sounds by far, they don’t have a depriciation clause in their warranty unlike John Lewis
Aah thank you
Can't speak for JL's policy but I do know that RS warranty on TV's over 32" is in home service ...always useful not having to cart a big TV back to the store....
I've found John Lewis rarely repair they either replace if the same product is available or refund you the initial cost. Haven't bought a tv in a few years now but I'd choose richer sounds from past experience. My curennt tv is from Costco reduced section and works fine except im never buying a sony again it's so slow to turn on!
Another thing to think about is RS warranty is strictly non transferable while the JL is. Might make a difference to the value if you decided to sell the product down the line.
Thank for all the advice, much appricated! Ended up going with rs
Mj199228th Nov

Thank for all the advice, much appricated! Ended up going with rs

Bad move, once their annual results come out, They will be going down the same route as Woolworths.
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