5 yr and 3yr old lunch and dinner ideas?!

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What are healthy nutritious ideas for lunch and dinner? Two cooked meals or sandwiches and a cooked meal.., and how to give them variety?!

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Sandwich and a cooked meal
For sandwich chicken gousions hot on a rap
Split a crisp packet between them
Fresh salad eg tomartos and cucumber
No chocolate or would split have a chocolate bar
Pasta and cheese
Sunday dinner
Curry split between them
Sausages and mash
Only give them chips once a week or push it to two
Always serve with veg and try and make them a little bit and say try a bit or no pudding which gives them a reward
Make sure they have fruit with both meals
For pudding I usually give my kids a kit kat or a small Yorke bar or a milky bar and then on Sundays I make a crumble and they have that with ice cream
Sorry for spelling

I grate veggies into a spag Bol.....they don't notice they are there....

I have 7yr old and 2yr old and I'm always looking out for new meal ideas. My 2 year old wont eat bread if I make sandwiches so I have to make other things. I often do a cold plate with cheese,ham,boiled eggs,cucumber,toms etc for lunch. I also make little pizza muffins...slice muffin (or you can use pitta breads) in half and grill slightly then put on tomato puree and cheese (add ham/peppers/pepperoni topping I you wanted) and grill again. They always go down well. As for evening meals I have a 3 week rota of menus I stick to as we used to go shopping and not have a clue what we were eating during the week so now I know exactly what we're having every night and I just buy ingredients I need (saves money & less waste). My menu includes Lasagne, slow cooker casserole, homemade chicken bites, curry, stir fry, chicken salad wraps etc. Once a week I do a "freezer tea" usually on my busiest day and every sunday I do a full sunday dinner with trimmings. Hope this helps a little. Its just about finding what suits your family. I must admit, since I've been using my set menu we've saved money and its sooo much easier!

I wrote a big paragraph for you and it was flagged for moderation..... Annoying!!
I do cold plates..cheese,ham,boiled egg, cucumber,tomatoes etc.
Pizza muffins (or you can use pitta breads) just add tomato puree and cheese and topping of your choice. I use a 3 week rota menu for evening meals now. It includes lasagne, chicken salad wraps, slow cooker casseroles, homemade chicken bites, stir fry and every Sunday I make a full sunday dinner with all trimmings.

My paragraph has appeared now lol!

Sandwiches can be varied not just with fillings but by design. Use wraps, rolls, bagels, pitta bread and even toasties. This gives you a great variations and keeps the kids interested. You can buy a cutter (or use a cookie cutter) to make fun sandwich shapes (although it does give waste). However, if you use the bread waste and make it into breadcrumbs you can coat a chicken breast and make them some delicious chicken goujons for supper, or fish fingers with a small white fish fillet.

Jacket potatoes are great if you bake, scoop out the middle and cream it into a mash, put it back in and let the kids help with toppings (beans, tuna, cheese etc). They love to make their own food.

You can buy cheap spiraliser type things which can transform veggies into "spaghetti" and shapes which they might like.

Even something like a home made burger can be nutritious with some grated carrot/courgette or crushed peas in (they won't even notice it). Vary the mince and make some meatballs with pasta or meatballs with gravy and mash.

Frittata (like an omelette but full of goodies) is good for lunch as it can be served hot/cold. It can be filled with all sorts that they may not necessarily like on their own. A good way to pack in veggies.

All my kids loved sweet potato wedges, cut into thin wedges, drizzled with olive oil and roasted for 20-30 mins.

im pretty sure the OP was after healthy and nutritious ideas

all i have read are bread/cheese/beans/butter/gravy ideas

the complete opposite of what they actually want

chicken wraps with salad are a good option(try to not put any sauce in..or minimal)

if you do make pasta, try and make the pasta to meat ratio about 30/80, as the meat is a lot more beneficial than the pasta, and always throw things into pasta that have health benefits(garlic, mushrooms, onions, peppers..and maybe some chillis), if your kids do not like these, just get them as small as possible so they dont see them

kingtreelo26 m ago

if you do make pasta, try and make the pasta to meat ratio about 30/80, as …if you do make pasta, try and make the pasta to meat ratio about 30/80, as the meat is a lot more beneficial than the pasta.

How do you benefit more from eating more meat than pasta? Eating to much meat causes many problems later in life, especially red meat. Although I eat meat myself I would never give my little one a dish of 80% meat. Plain rice/pasta/potatoes 40% finely cut veg 30-40% and no more than 20% chicken preferably breast (not thighs, too fatty) or fish, grilled or baked without batter and a glass of water.
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