50 / 100 Pack of Blank CD-Rs

    The difficulty I've been having is the generally very high postage costs which seem to plague the media sites, so I'd really appreciate any good finds! Rep for any help, thankyou!


    Tesco have an own brand 50 pack for £8.96
    or Maxell Cd-R 50pk Spindle £8.97

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    Still adds a £5ish for postage doesn't it? Just seems strange as there was a 50 DVD-R for around £5 inc postage a while back.

    they are that price in store - so you could just go and pick one up.

    The big stores have loads at the mo inc rewritable discs and dvd-r's

    yes tesco do some good deals quite often on buy one get one free on cd and dvds, i have used them both and had no problems with them.

    take a look at the sony ones..and free postage..hardly worth mentioning 2% quidco.…y=6

    Imation CDR-80 (52x) 100pk Spindle £9.99 free delivery on orders over £15,

    buy 2 100pks for £19.98 and get free delivery...

    or 1 100pk and buy something for £4.95 to qualify for free super saver delivery.

    Imation CDR-80 (52x) 100pk Spindle £9.99…ics

    not sure if anyone else has had problems..but on past experience I would not recommend imation media.

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    And the winner is.... Thanks curry chops, I've used Infiniti disks before and they have always been good for me and with free postage works out great! Thanks all.
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