50" 1080p Plasma

    Any idea's when these are going to drop to around / sub £1000 mark.

    Toying with a 720p one, but weighing up holding out for a 1080p.



    ]LG 47LF66 LCD for £967.40 here will 3 inches make that much of a difference?

    It'll be a while yet the 42" plasma's have only just ducked under the grand mark. 502 are around the £1500 at the mo.

    Why Plasma? they only last 6 years?

    [QUOTE=UltimoScorpion}Why Plasma? they only last 6 years?[/QUOTE]

    If thats equivalent to 60,000 hours life as my Panasonic is meant to have that would mean it being on 24/7 for 6 years. I would expect a few more years out of it than that.

    Although I doubt I will have it for much more than 5 years anyway, always something bigger and better to buy.


    Why Plasma? they only last 6 years?

    Correct sort of, if they are left on 24/7

    At 8 hours a day though it is more like 20 years on the modern screens.

    Myself, I've not found an LCD I can enjoy at anything like 40" or above, much prefer the Plasma displays.
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