50 free asda photos

    has anyone got the link that was on here a month a go about 50 free photos with asda if you go in a store with a photoshop inside? Cheers



    The original link (though has now expired it said) I found by using the top 'search' field and typing in asda free photos (wording needs to be that way round and not Free asda photos!). If you scroll down a bit the posting you mentioned is there. Couldn't work out how to attach the original posting or any part of it directly to this return message…pdf

    The link address is the copied and pasted link from the original posting. You could try copying and pasting into your browser to see where it takes you.

    I just tried but it took me nowhere!

    Original Poster

    Oh thank you so so much for giving up your time your a star :-D
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