50" HD Ready 1080p Digital Freesat Plasma Wanted

    What's the best price for a 50" 1080p tv with built in freesat?

    Best price i can find is £1555.10 from dixons for the Panasonic TH50PZ81B 50", can anyone beat that? if so rep will be giving to the lowest price found.

    Thanks all!



    theres one on amazon for 1299

    Think This might be the same tv or simular for £1,164.55…ies

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    theres one on amazon for 1299

    Have you got a link?

    theres this one on amazon as well…8-8

    priced at £1,014.49

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    Thanks for the links, Rep giving.:thumbsup:

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    Anybody else know any cheaper?

    Samsung PS50A556S 50" @ PC World £1099.99 plus there is a 5% code here ]http//ww…ld/ which makes it £1044.99


    They also have the Panasonic there for £1599.99 which with the 5% code is £1,519.99 ( code only valid for 2 more days though and only works with home delivery option)

    Heres a couple of links to a few more that might help ]http//ww…=50
    and ]http//ww…=50

    There is a 10% code for Empire Direct here
    which has still not expired but only works on in stock items.

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    Thanks Den38:thumbsup:

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    Thanks but it hasn't got built in freesat.


    sorry thought you meant freeveiw

    There's the 5% voucher posted for Laskys, which makes the TH50PZ81B £1488. (2.5% quidco)

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    There's the 5% voucher posted for Laskys, which makes the TH50PZ81B … There's the 5% voucher posted for Laskys, which makes the TH50PZ81B £1488. (2.5% quidco)]

    Thanks kedj, That's a fantastic discount, but does anyone know anything about this company? are they any good as i've never heard of them.

    Keep them coming plz!

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    Forgot to ask would john lewis price match them so i can get the Free 5 year guarantee :thumbsup:

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    still looking!

    All these links do not have freesat included. The only one out on the market as far as i know is the Panasonic which you listed in the title, and the 50" is very hard to get hold of ATM so the price from dixons is good if you include quidco as well.

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    Should i go for the Panasonic TH50PZ81B 50" now or do yous think it will drop a good bit in price in say 2 or 3 months time as it's just new out?

    Ok have found the Panasonic TH50PZ81B cheaper at Empire Direct

    It's £1439.99 including delivery using the 10% code EM4865


    You can save £30 delivery if you are near one of their collection points.

    Quidco too

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    Thanks for all your help! I've seen the same tv in Argos ]http//ww…htm but it's £1799 and it seems to only say that it has Freeveiw have they made a mistake as it should have freesat? well anyway i was thinking about buying it from there just to see if the tv is going to be as good as they say and send it back and buy from the cheapest place if i like the tv, man i'm bad lol:p
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