50 Inch Plasma Cardboard Box

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Found 26th May 2011
Require a 50 Inch Plasma Cardboard Box. If anyone has one to spare it would be highly appreciated.


A cardboard box made of Plasma?

I think I have one in the garage mate.

Got one for you, I'm driving up to the Midlands from London tomorrow if we can arrange a meet somewhere


moved to misc as packaging has no RRP and trade feedback doesn't apply. You can still reimburse p&p charges via this forum but no additional 'purchase' charges can be levied.

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Thanks for that sigma :).
I am looking for it somewhere near Reading, since I don't have a car to collect it from somewhere else.
Anyways thanks samp2603 and dtovey89. :).

weird parody thread


gonna cost a lot in P&P!

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Yeah, I can get the replacement ones for around 15 quids delivered but they are not the ones like the original. The original had a base on which you can stand your tele and then cover it with another bit going on top. But the replacement ones are just like normal boxes. I dont know how two peeps can hold a 50 inch and slide it in the box :(.

I dont know how two peeps can hold a 50 inch and slide it in

oO X)
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