£50 of Halfords vouchers - What should I buy?

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Found 5th Jan 2009
I've just been given £50 worth of Halfords vouchers. I haven't got a bike so I can't spend them on accessories. I don't want to spend more than the £50 I've got. I've just got a new car stereo and sat nav so they're out. Other than buying £50 of windscreen wash I can't think of what to buy. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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new speakers to go with your stereo?

aye buy some decent 6x9's or a new steering wheel? lol

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aye buy some decent 6x9's or a new steering wheel? lol

I've already got a steering wheel. What would I do with my old one?:)

It really depends on what you will use, halfords professional tools are pretty good if you do any work on your car, same goes for the service items such as oil, plugs, filters etc, retail price is a tad pricey but perfect to use your vouchers on.

Non of the above is much use if you dont work on your car though.

Is there a expiry date on the vouchers?

hang arround in the store, when someones going near the till offer them the vouchers for a few qiud off. they will snap youre hand off, you then have the cash to spend on whatever you want. i usually do this with unwanted game or gamestation credit notes.

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There's no expiry date on the vouchers as far as I can see but I'm anxious to use them fairly quickly as you never know which store is likely to go the way of Zavvi, Woolworths etc... these days and I don't want to lose them.

I don't normally work on my car so their service items wouldn't be something I'd look at. Thanks for the suggestion though.

One thing that I had considered was a halfords cordless drill but I don't know how they compare to other more well known brands?

sell them to me!

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sell them to me!

For how much?

you would have to start a thread in FS/FT and name a price, then I would negotiate with you ;o)
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