50% off closing down sale at Woolworth - on now, but you'd need to be extremely lucky to pick up a bargain

    Just a warning to save your time if you're planning to make a special trip to Woolworths.

    Don't bother.

    Yes, there are some items marked down by 50%, but most of it isn't. Most of the things you're likely to want to buy are marked down by a measly 10%, with some reduced by 20%.

    There's a very limited amount of stuff marked down by 50% - and you probably won't want to buy it.

    The adverts are highly misleading - 'up to' 50% in very small print and the 50% in huge print.


    Couldnt agree more this thread should be hot and the other cold !!!

    I wouldnt say they're MEGA deals, but its cheaper than before. If you were thinking of buying something from there before, it can sway ur mind. I got a 9 aperture pine wood frame; similar ones u get in photoshoots for £5 (then -20%). Ikea cant do better

    edit: (also i bought some loo tablets [the ones which make ur toilet blue/green], 6 for £1 (-20%)) lol

    I'll miss woolies if its goes just thinking the amount of times i've been to the pick and mix..

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    Mods - please unexpire and unspam this. It's highly relevant, and aimed at saving people from wasting their time on pointless journeys looking for bargains that just aren't there.

    Its sad people gonna lose jobs, because the management failings. Its so easier show how bad management has got at Woolies, just by looking at this sale . This sale could of really really helped , look M & S how they turn things around.......I never seen so many go into a store and not buy anything !!

    If anyone can find 50% item in woolies let Hotukdeals know , they are small and far between....

    Just went down to my local Woolworths store, and I have to say - what sale?

    The main reason that Woolworths is where it is can be seen at this "sale". For example, CD and DVD prices are above other retailers, and internet sites. The sale price is a reduction of 10%. No thanks.

    I totally agree. With things as they are im holding off to the sales where u really do get half price off!

    Woolies had been run by accountants and bankers for the last few years, they need some help to know what customer call bargains.
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