50% Off for Existing Sky Mobile Customers on Sim Only

Posted 10th Feb 2021
For existing Sky Sim holders only 50% off your monthly cost
Credit to@Unclestu for his deal. Sign up to the deal above which is £1.50 a month x 24 months and 50p for 12 months.
If you have SKY Piggybank you can use 60GB for £30 and pay £12 upfront and nothing to pay for 36 months but you have a Nokia 105 and a sim with 100MB and Unlimited Texts and Unlimited Minutes.

If you are an existing Sky Mobile Customer by signing up for this deal existing Sims you have will be eligible for 50% off for 3 years . So I have two £6 Per month Sims that were on 50% off that expired so I was Trying to renew a deal they offered me 10%.

I mentioned to retentions that a friend got a better deal being the Nokia 105 Deal and they agreed it was available on purchase of the 105.

So i ordered the 105 and a new sim with the free texts and minutes unlimited and the 100MB and my two sims I currently had will be discounted for the term of the Nokia 105 deal which is 3 Years. My existing sims are locked in for 12months ( but 36 months cost is fixed ) and the 105 sim is not locked in as I paid for it all upfront.

When I spoke SKY 03337591018 the lady who answered was aware of if buying the 105 and if she put it through she would pass me to retentions it would give me 50% off for three years but I asked to be put through and spoke to Sean who offered me various deals over £10 a month on my existing sims x 2 and I highlighted what if I brought the 105 and he said yes thats 50% off and the deal is as above.

I couldnt quite believe it but hidden in some old threads i clocked it but felt worthy of its own deal.
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