50 posts to go and to become a Solar Flare and I still have not got an AVATAR

    Well I have been a member for quite some time now, but I never bother with my avatar. I thought that as soon as I become a Solar Flare (I believe at the 1000 posts) I should have a nice avatar.

    I have no idea how to do this, specially as I would like to have an animated one.

    This is my idea or my avatar.
    I would like a SUN which kinds of shine like the beggining of the movie "Sunshine" when the massive Solar rays start to appear form the side or something like that.

    Or something like the Sun coming out of an eclipse. I think it would looks really nice, but have not a clue on how to do it.

    Can anybody help me and tell me how can I do an avatar like this ?

    I only have 50 posts to get it sorted.


    Best NOT use anything from Carleys photobucket account, that's for :thumbsup:…-w/ :-D

    up load a gif from sumwhere onto photobucket. An then come on here click on avatar and paste the lin from photobucket into the address slot

    nice idea:thumbsup:

    What about this one?

    or this?

    Original Poster

    Charlie Scene;5153695

    nice idea:thumbsup:

    Yes I like that one. But is it yours? Can I use it as well?


    What about this one?or this?

    Thanks for those they look nice as well. Rep added to you guys

    Another idea that I had was something with the picture of Angelina Jolie with the golden suit from Beowulf. something like she is giving the heat to a deal or mixing it with the eclipse.

    Some pictures like the ones in here…tle

    This one in particular looks very nice…jpg

    Mixing the eclipse with the heat coming from this picture. Any idea on how to do this?

    I have so many ideas but do not know how to make them a reality. :oops:

    hi mate of course you can use it, use the smaller version that the other guy cropped though because mine is too big for an avatar:thumbsup:

    save the pics as bmp file or just open with paint shop program or similar, the save as gif or jpeg again after:thumbsup:

    Angelina btw:whistling:

    ps i will change mine to something else if you use it so it will still be unique for you mate from me x

    sorry for caps

    Original Poster


    from me x

    Wow Snotiger you are a star. I don't think there is enough rep in here for me to give you. But still rep added :thumbsup:

    If I can't get the Angelina to work I would be using this one.

    After not having any avatar I think I have pretty good choices now.

    Only 34 more posts to go
    Here you go ....

    Might also change mine to celebrate ...but wont steal any of the above idea's as they are intended for the OP

    2 posts to go

    who needs a avatar.


    who needs a avatar.

    an avatar :roll:

    Original Poster


    Here you go ....

    Well I think we have a winner, thanks SNOWTIGER, I will be using this avatar as soon as I become a Solar Flare. You can feel privileged that I am a avatar virgin :oops: and will be using the one you did as my first avatar. :thumbsup:

    Keep an eye for the birth of a new Solar Flare in HUKD :-D

    I think a new Solar Flare is due for Monday. It might be around luchtime so people can join me in the count down. The last 10 posts will be in a separate thread and the new Solar Flare with the avatar will appear there. Feel free to join me

    Original Poster


    Might also change mine to celebrate ...but wont steal any of the above … Might also change mine to celebrate ...but wont steal any of the above idea's as they are intended for the OP2 posts to go

    For me is a double celebration bbecause I never had an avatar before. So I want to make it special :thumbsup: and Snowtiger has just done it for me.
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