50" Samsung 4K TV

    Was wondering if anyone can help me?

    I am moving into a flat in summer next year and am looking for a Samsung UE49KS7000 probably to kit it out with. Only problem is with the sharp decrese in prices on 4K tvs recently does anyone have any advice on wether they think it would be cheaper to buy one now (black friday / Christmas / Jamuary deals) or wait until July when I move in to buy it?



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    January* deals

    Buy now/soon, the prices will be severely effected by the drop in the value of the pound; this will filter through to shop prices - probably from the end of February onwards if retailers are honest, or straight after the sales if they are not honest.

    A number of big names are profiteering by raising prices now and claiming Brexit is the cause; they buy 6-18 months in advance, so nothing on the shelf this year should be affected.

    TV Manufacturers replace their models every year, so by July the KS7000 will have been superseded and may be out of stock.

    Better to wait. 7 months is a long time, prices will lower, new models come out, old models expire. And there's little 4k content now anyway. Black friday sales aren't that good anyway.
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