£50 to spend on a new PC case, any suggestions?

Currently looking for a new case as mine is looking a little worse for wear, the best one I think I've found at the moment is this one:


Currently £42 in Scans Today Only - really big case, and (in my opinion) nice looking, but annoyingly missing dust/fan grills (stupid when you have those huge fans on the side)...

Does anyone have any other suggestions? I basically need something with plently of space and cooling, as I have two large PCI-E components in around 1cm proximity!



cornflakes box?

mamboboy, you will also need to factor in the price of a PSU as that case does not include one.

I have to agree with the other posters, Antec is the way to go on a sub £70 budget. You could possibly pick up a 900 for less than £70 which is an amazing case. Also have a look at some Silverstone cases, very good build quality. I personally avoid Xclio like the plague, majority of their stuff is just re-branded tat from China. Lots of plastic, bad design, rubbish airflow etc hehe.



or an antec p180

I have both. cooling and fitting of components is better on the cm690 but the p180 looks nicer
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