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Found 9th Apr 2011
I am looking for some help in choosing a new TV as I haven't got a clue what I am looking for!
All I know is it needs to be 50" and all we will be using it for is watching TV.....no gaming etc.
Do I go for LCD or Plasma?
What's the difference?
We live near to a Richer Sounds....are they a good place to buy from?
It's been about 10 years since we last bought a TV so I really haven't got a clue!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Just bought panasonic p50g20ba from john Lewis.

No problems

Buy one!
Thanks....it's a little out of my price range...whats the difference between the p50g20 and the p50s20....well apart from £300 lol
Mmmm just looked on Dixons and I can get it for £649, can't find it on John Lewis website?
just bought Samsung LED series 7 from John Lewis. Took three weeks of searching and then once found the best tv to have another week of finding best deal. John lewis offers five year warranty on product at no extra cost. We chose 42 inch but they do bigger now and there is a series 8. I have to say i love the tv and cant fault the pic in any way
Also dont go for LCD or PLasma if you can find an LED as this pic is back lit and is clearer, especially in HD.
best thing i did was have a look in what hifi mag for reviews & also go out to as many shops as you can to see one running. once you've found one you like get it & get extra cover! richer sounds are cheapest (unless its already included in the price)

it all depends on what you can afford. plasma are cheapest at 50". i myself have a LG 50PK590 & love it! (got it last august for £1000 but can be had for about £500 now!) its connected to my wireless router which allows it to stream anything from my pc/laptop, had bbc iplayer built in (in HD!). really pleased with it
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Also dont go for LCD or PLasma if you can find an LED as this pic is back … Also dont go for LCD or PLasma if you can find an LED as this pic is back lit and is clearer, especially in HD.

utter ****
an LED IS AN LCD its just lit with LED lights not small CCFL bulbs instead.
it may seem brighter but the colours can be very over saturated, the backlights can cause a non uniformity in screen colour, leading to bad black levels and they still suffer from the same angle problems as a standard LCD screen.

plasma all the way
proper colours created by each pixel switching on/off, dimming and brightening indiviually.
no backlight bleed..no backlight!
deeper blacks
no motion blur like cheap end LCD/LED backlit

they dont need to be regassed or blow up if you talk near them or any other stupid myth about plasma TVs that people come up with.
I would see what Richer Sounds have in stock, then check out reviews on the internet.
Everyone has there own preferences....it also depends on price.

One thing I would not do ever is buy a cheap plasma....if it is plasma I think ti si more important to stretch the budget more than with an LCD...Just my thoughts from previous experience, plasma is good IF you buy a good one.

You will often see deals posted here and some people love them and some hate them, it is a lot of the time down to what indiviuals want....you see tv's gte slated as they do not have freeview HD etc but never in my factors as I have Virgin or Sky...you will see another slated as it has no internet connectivity...not important in the slightest to me.

So work out what you want it for....Is it JUST to watch tv? Do you need freeview? Do you need to connect to the internet etc

I also would nto worry too much about older models, manufacturers bring new tv's out all the time, most of the time the improvements are slight adn you can get a bargain when a top line tv is replaced and the price tumbles. I have just last week got a Sony Bravia 46" 403 there are better Sony's but this is superb, the picture is great and it was a bargain which was the reason I bought it.

Richer sounds can be goodif the price is right as the extended warranty is always a good price, downside is upselling tactics, it seems no matter what you want they will tell you all about A better one and make the one you want sound crap....

M&S and John Lewis give 5 year guarantee but are usually more expensive but every other week or so you will see a good deal posted here for them so research them.

Good luck.....
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