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Posted 16th Dec 2019
I got a few months back, wanted to buy a good suit to keep for a long time, so that I can do interviews, wear the jacket on more formal occasions, and have it ready.

In the past, I have bought super 110s from TM Lewin and Charles Tyrwhitt. I wanted to get a really good quality suit to use on occasion. What would you guys recommend?

Should I buy it and then immediately get it tailored? I'm 17" neck, 46/48" chest, 36" arms ( i think), so not small lad. At 6'0 110kg I will probably lose some weight over next few months anyway, but should I still go for a regular/comfort fit?
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It is the fit that makes the difference, not the money. Unless an off the rack suit fits you well, I wouldn't recommend spending this much money. Better to get it tailored but leave room for future alterations.

These guys are HK based but visit the UK every 2-3 months. I haven't used them but some friends have and their experience has been excellent. If you are visiting HK / Bangkok yourself, even better.
I don't think its a good idea to buy a one off suit and keep it for life. Mainly because every few years, your body shape usually changes, and will require it to be tailored again, which might be impossible if you go from small to be big lets say.
Id recommend to buy an off the rack cotton and spend quite a fair bit of money getting it tailored correctly every few years until it cant be anymore.
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Go to Slater's they will measure you and fit you up with the best suit you need and want for a great price
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