£500 Competition for the smelliest wee at Thorpe Park !!

    Could not believe this when I read it but Thorpe park are running a competition for the smelliest wee and the prize is £500 !! It's all to do with their SAW ALIVE ride.…on/



    Yuk! :thinking:

    ewww gross! I'm sure their visitors will love wandering around a stinky wee soaked maze :?

    U guys wont believe this,but i swear my wee once smelled identical to a chicken & mushroom Pot Noodle.
    Try 1 & see!!!
    It actually managed to put me off them for a bit.


    eat sugar puffs mine always smells like em when i do.

    asparagus for the win

    That's some crazy.


    asparagus for the win

    My OH loves asparagus but won't touch it now due to the smell in his wee! He describes it as rotting veg!
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