£500 Laptop required advice/models

Found 27th Aug 2006
I have a friend wanting a laptop for general internet and home use . Budget of £500 for laptop and £70 or £80 for router to go wireless about house. Any help / offers on models much appreciated. Thank in advance:thumbsup:
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Hi Richard. There have been a lot of laptop deals posted on the forum recently, with discussion about them in the threads. I suggest you do a simple search for "laptop" and see what you find. Here are a few examples:


See what you think of those
According to October's Computer Shopper the best laptop in the £500 region is the PC NextDay Zoostorm 2-6301 Advanced at £550...from ]pcnextday.co.uk and there's 3% cashback through Quidco.
Thansk to both emmajk42 and curry chops .The zoostorm looks good value will pass your comments on. thanks
there were some wireless routers in the hot deals section a few days back so I suggest you take a look..also there were some secondhand in the for sale section
thanx currychops - I'm trawling 4 a laptop as my daughter is off to Uni in October. Have looked at(amongst others) Del duo at £489. Just off to computer shopper to read their review on your post recommendation -there is at least a 4 week lead in for this puter currently.
id HIGHLY recommend the laptop PC World has on offer Advent laptop- £450
[*]AMD Sempron 3000+ Processor
[*]1600 MT/s HyperTransport
[*]128 KB Cache
[*]1024 MB RAM
[*]60 GB Hard Drive
[*]DVD ReWriter MultiDrive
[*]15.4" Widescreen Display
[*]Microsoft Windows XP Media Center
[*]128 MB ATI X200 Shared Graphics
[*]1 Year Free Warranty[/LIST]BARGAIN !!!!

dunno how you display image these days but here is a link to the image

link to the deal
Forum Link:pcworld.co.uk/mar…552
[SIZE=2]i might even post this in the hot deals 8-)[/SIZE]
nice spot - all this choice. Are Advent any good - reliable? Seems a gr8 spec - any shortcomings? regards
well iv got an Advent PC which i got 3 yrs ago and NOTHING has gone wrong with it ,**touches woods** even when i upgraded to Sp2.

I also had an Advent Laptop but i was using it as a desktop, so i took it back and got this PC instead !!

i know 2 people who have bought this laptop in the past week and they have been VERY impressed, this is my own opion of course some people may have difference experieces with them.

mmmmm... reasurring - thank you - BIG plus also is, I know where their store is once purchased....my head is swimming with choices, will have to bite the bullet and take the plunge..
It's really a case of what you want the laptop for??...and whether you prefer to have a local store where you can seek redress if something goes wrong..and of course give it a try before purchase as laptop keyboards can be a personal choice..some have very spongy keys that are abhorrent to some users...particularly if you do a lot of word processing.

However if you want to play the latest games on a laptop and only have a £500 budget then you cannot beat the PC Nextday model.

I'll be getting a laptop but am waiting for the new Vista operating system sometime in early 2007.
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