500 Million PS4 Translucent Limited Edition

Posted 23rd Oct
Does anyone think the 500 Million PS4 Translucent Limited Edition would be a good investment at nearly £1K?
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A grand? A quick look on eBay and they have some buy it nows for less? Unless you have found a specific number that is valuable like when the £5 notes come out etc. Unopened and mint is expect it to go up BUT I wouldn’t hold my breath if it was in the far future.
It was originally £450 and was limited to 50,000, compare that to other rare consoles like the Ceramic White PS2 which might get you double or treble its original price, however there were only ever 10,000 of them. 20th Anniversary PS4 is worth £1k now after four years and there were just 12,300 of them.

I would say no.
Lol no
No mate i don’t think I would drop 1k on this , I got one in release and sold it on for £700 easy money maybe should of sat on it but hay ho
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