500g Milk Chocolate

Found 31st Mar 2010
I want 500g milk chocolate, would prefer dairy milk but galaxy or milka or something similar would be fine.

What is the cheapest way of buying this amount?

I have a Morrisons, Iceland and Waitrose quite close. Also can get to Sainsburys and if needed a Tesco without too much trouble.
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asdas own is lovely! and cheap for a big bar
argee asdas own isss gawjuss ! x
Asda were doing 100g bars of milka for 50p,
not sure if its on anymore as we dont have one locally,
but would obviously be £2.50 for 500g

If not poundland does them 3 for £2, my locally had loads on saturday.
so £4 for 600g

Normall also get dairy milk etc in their for £1 obviously aswell so 500g for £4

Galaxy 125g bars seem to be £1 in quite a lot of places at the minute, asda, co-op, even our corner shop has had them on and off,
so £4 for 500g

Dairy milk 3 for £4 on 230g bars at the minute so 690g for £4 at asda
or also at asda, 400g bars for £2.27, so £4.54 for 800g !!

500g for whatever you need it for, and 300g for you - yummyyyy !! lol

My supermarket normally compare the supermarkets........





looks like asda are oos

dairy milk.......


Dairy milk larger size....

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wow thanks
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