500GB external Drive > £60 ?

    looking for a 500gig drive for under £60 (free delivery)

    can anyone help? seen the one on ebuyer for £64 Lacie but no reviews on it.

    looking for a decent make.



    Don't know any off hand but Lacie used to be pretty decent hard drives and I don't know that anything has changed.

    Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

    the Lacie HD is pretty good - I have a 320gb version and am looking to buy another to rip the old video collection on before disposing of the videos and this is a pretty good price. I'd also agree with the reviews on the ebuyer site.

    Hi, I'm looking for a good one too... not spotted one for under 60 but amazon have the LaCie 500GB (designed by porsche) for £64.99 (free delivery). I'm tempted to go with that one unless anyone's found anything even cheaper or has any money off codes??

    Some cheap ones in this thread


    None under £60, cheapest is £63.95 delivered
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