500GB External HD recommendations?

    I'm looking for a 500GB external HD which can be opened.

    It needs to have a 2.5" drive inside as I want to swap with the drive in my PS3.

    I've looked around online and its hard to tell from the pictures provided whether you can open them or not.

    If anyone can help I will give them so rep.



    If you do buy a drive and open it your warranty is void and they will know by serial and anti tamper stickers and screws. Why the hell would you pay way over the odds for a external 2.5 drive just to break it, Why don't you save yourself some money buy a 500gb internal and a external caddy so you will just pop your PS3 drive in the caddy and have a brand new 500gb to put in your PS3 without destroying the warranty on the HDD.

    Go to Ebuyer (or and buy SATA drive 2.5 , the plastic hd cover on ps3 can be opened with ease. Remember to back the original drive...

    Dont get a external
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