500GB Hard drive (or 2) + PC advice

Found 2nd Feb 2008
I'm going to need a lot of space to back things up, I'm thinking about getting 2x 500GB rather than 1x TB, that way I want lose everything if 1 packs in.

I'd use 1 for my o/s, files etc then the rest of the space as storage, and the other would be purely storeage.

The thing is, my PC is quite old (XP 1900, 1 GB Ram) and they'd need to be IDE. So I'm looking for 2x IDE 500GB HDDs.

The alternative would be to flog off my pc and build a new one, I don't need a decent graphics card so it wouldn't cost much to build a half decent spec one. That way I could buy SATA HDDs.
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I just bought one samsung 500gb sata off ebuyer + case quite nice especially the case pretty cool cat. number 136248 and 130454. You could find one IDE hdd on ebuyer also they are good price at hard drives I suppose. On the other way you cound buy an adaper IDE to Sata how never experience these things.
if you have windows xp then it will be ok to put 2 500gb hard drives in your pc, if you are going to sell your pc you would be lucky to get £150 for it, you can buy a better pc set than you have now for £189 without the monitor or you can even build a much better one for around £400 without a monitor but it's up to you, hope this helps.

What is your current system spec? With dual-core CPUs for well under £40 these days and 2GB of DDR2 for even less I'd be very tempted to go the new motherboard route. It might also be worth considering a matrix raid array, which would let you copy really important data to both hard drives (thus if either one fails the data isn't lost). You could for example create a 250GB raid-1 mirror using half of both drives, then have a 500GB raid-0 stripe (faster than 1 harddrive) for less important data.
I think your right guys, if I could get around £150 for mine with the monitor, I could build a much better pc for not much more and then spend a bit extra to get an LCD monitor.

My current specs are:

AMD XP 1900+
Pioneer DVR112 DVDRW
Geforce FX 5600 Ultra Gfx (AGP)
Cheapo mobo (MSI I think, but its been great)
Ultra X-Connect PSU
The monitor is a Samsung (17" I think).

I could take the graphics card out, its pretty **** I know but I don't use my PC for games and at least I would have a real graphics card without having to use the onboard one.

I think I have a spare PC where the cpu failed, but I could exchange parts from that. I could use the case for my new pc for starters. Also, I'm wondering if my current PSU would be good enough for the new PC, I think it is this one: ciao.co.uk/Ult…929

If so I could use that and put in a spare PSU in the PC I sell - I'm sure it is good enough to run my current pc.

I may also have a spare 40GB HDD, so I could in theory swap that for the 120GB and keep that aside in case I need more storage. It could also allow me to buy just one 500GB HDD and see how I go on with that for now.

I've not kept up with PC specs etc over the last couple of years, but I believe Intel is generally favoured these days? Please bear in mind I only want a decent pc which will be quick when repairing/extracting files whilst browsing the internet etc. I may also consider getting vista at some point so ideally powerful enough to run that - but I don't intend to play games on it.

Would it be possible to get a good PC for £250-300 inc an LCD monitor?

Also - just out of interest, what kind of specs would be required to watch HD movies? Or would that need a substantiallty better graphics card?
Intel are generally performance leaders but its still very competitive in performance vs price between AMD and Intel so if you are buying a £50 CPU both are good. A new motherboard will use PCI-E graphics (not AGP) so you'll probably need a new graphics card (or motherboard with on-board graphics, you could upgrade later).
You will likely need an ATX 2.0 PSU to power the new motherboard - not sure if yours is (the ATX connector will have 24 pins instead of 20).
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