500GB or 1TB External Dard Drive. Best 'in stock' deals!?

    Tried as I did I was unable to get hold of a 1TB Book Drive in Comet the other week.

    I was hoping to find one elsewhere at the same price if possible. So far the cheapest I've found are the 1TB Iomega drive at Tesco Direct (£70) and the 500GB DriveStation online at CDiscount (£45) Are these currently the best deals around at the moment?

    Also, does anyone think it would be more sensible to purchase 2 X 500GB drives rather than putiing all my eggs in one basket and getting a 1TB drive?

    Cheers in advance for any help ;-)


    Best 1TB drive around at the moment for less than £75 [url][/url]

    However, I'd always recommend 2 HDDs externally. I recommend that as that's how I've always done things then you have the satisfaction of having a rolling backup regime with always plenty free space externally. Backup the backup if you like. if you can get away with 2x500GBs then go for that.

    If you go for 2x option you'll have the advantge of only needing one power supply (assuming you have the same models) and it's nice to have a spare one of those too just in case.

    500GB options:


    Both excellent choices. Remember to register them with the manufacturer.

    Original Poster

    Cheers mate ;-)

    You've defintely tipped me toward the 2 X 500GB option. All that space in one place is just a little bit risky for my liking. Only needing the one power supply as you kindly pointed out (for 2x the same HDD's) is another plus I overlooked. I already have 3 external HDD's with three PSU to juggle, and usual tangle of wires/leads etc that go with it.

    Can't you get external HDD's that house 2 x 500GB? I could swear I seen one somewhere :?

    Thanks again mate :thumbsup:

    If your still after the 1TB from Comet, then ring them up and ask which stores have them on the shelf.

    Oooer, that Buffalo HDD just went up £2.
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