500gb (or more) internal hard drive (NOT MAXTOR PLS!)

Found 3rd Mar 2007
As the title says ... Im in need of lots more space and i think its about time i get a new internal hard drive. Im only on 120gb so far and have to keep deleting stuff so im looking for

500gb ore more hard drive
no maxtor
ncq preffered

thanks a lot :thumbsup::giggle:


why not maxtor?

pcworld have some reasonable instore deals, that's where I got mine just over a year ago.

also is it IDE / SATA you are looking for?

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had bad experiences with maxtors ... 3 times in a row!

oh yes, SATA please.

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thanks, i posted at the end of that thread just 5 mins ago lol
thats one option ... would like a few to choose from to make sure I get a good deall

thanks for your time

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awesome ... thanks currychops!

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found the same drive cheaper here


Don't blame you for the non maxtor, I've had 5 die on me, we'll see now that Seagate has bought them if the Maxtor brand will improve on reliability.


Dabs might be cheaper but £6 delivery makes it £93.99
That ebuyer WD one is £93.99 too but free delivery.

But going via dabs = 2% quidco so is nearer £92...

I think the dabs one you found is the cheapest you'll see, and that price won;t be around for long.

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thanks mate.

do you think that price wont be around long because itll go down or up ?

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also the dabs one has ncq so thats a major plus from what Ive found out ??
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