500mb mobile internet

hey all just getting a sim only deal for my iphone and am being offered 500mb limit from vodafone. Was just wondering whether this will be enough if I use the internet on my iphone, or should I try and get more that this. I prob will spend about 1-1.5 hours on the internet per day. Also what will vodafone do if |I go over?

Any help would me much appreciated



as long as you are not constantly downloading files or streaming large media files then 500mb will be more than enough to surf web pages, get email and chat online.

if you go over = jail
but you wont go over that if you're just browsing etc

what i'd do is stick with 500mb and don't do anything silly with it for the first month, then see what your usage is like

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K thanks. Just had to make sure because going on a 12 month sim only contract. I think if I add more Internet to the package it will cost me a bomb...so hopefully 500mb will be enough!
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