50GB & 1p min/text/MB payg (EE high speed ) £15 @ 1pMobile

Posted 25th Dec 2020

3633120.jpgUK's best data SIM 50GB
for just £15 per month - NO contract - NO credit check payg bundle.

Activation includes £5 free credit

It's also perfect for Tablets, Data Dongles and/or MiFi devices.

No speed caps or throttling.

You'll receive a free £5 credit for calls and texts when you activate your new 50GB SIM; this credit balance will remain available for you to use with no expiry date.

Automatic top-up, collect the £15 monthly charge for your 50GB SIM using the card details you provide.

Any chargeable calls or texts you make will be deducted from your initial £5 free credit. Thereafter, to ensure you can always use your phone for calls and texts when you want to, we will automatically top-up your usage balance with an additional £10 (charged to your card) whenever your balance falls below £2.

Excess dataIf your monthly data usage exceeds 50GB, any excess data will be charged at our standard rate of 1p/MB and deducted from your call/text credit balance. Alternatively, you can buy an additional 4GB or 10GB data boost from our website.

Tethering allowed, using in a mobile phone you can tether your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and tablet for internet on the go.

We offer 99% population and 90% landmass coverage of the UK using the EE 4G/3G/2G network.

EU Roaming Take our amazing 1p tariff with you when you travel to any of 46 European destinations.
There is a cap of 14GB when using the data in the EU with roam-like-at-home. Any additional data used, over 14GB, will be charged at the standard rate of 1p per MB.

International calling to international destinations from just 9p per minute, texts from 6p
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