Found 31st Oct 2008
I'm looking for some decent 5.1 headphones to use mainly for gaming, but perhaps also for movies. Could anyone recommend some? I'd be willing to settle for something cheap that works adequately, and doesn't necessarily blow me away.

If anyone could help me out I'd be very appreciative. I'm having a hard time even finding headphones that are listed, explicitly, as 5.1 sound.


5.1 headphones? I dont think you can get them! Its only for speakers that you can get 5.1 or 6.1...

But I could be wrong!

They've been around for a couple of years now. :thumbsup:

I'll be interested in any advice on here.

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They certainly exist. I've seen a few this morning, but they're generally quite expensive.

Ok. I have these and they are very good, compatible with 360 and PS3 as well. Optical input and 5.1 input through stereo pugs.

Strangely enough, I am also looking for a pair of these at the moment, my mate at work has a set and has been playing Fable II through them and says they're pretty amazing.

I play COD on the PC and use them on the 360 and they are very good.
Can hear people walking around the wall and are very directional.

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I ended up settling on a pair of these as people around the net were giving a lot of positive feedback on them, most people commented that they were omni-directional, so if a headset can pretty much simulate 5.1 at a fraction of the price then I'm a happy camper…FX1

I'll give you all my impressions when they come through incase anyone is still looking for a good headset.

Actually, yes please let me know what they're like because they're a lot cheaper than the ones I was looking at and may be much more suitable too

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Okay, as promised, my rundown of the Turtle Beach X1 Headphones...


[*]Very comfortable. I'm someone who finds that when I wear on-ear headphones for too long it can kinda make my head hurt. No chance here, wore them for about 5 hours playing Dead Space and they felt great.
[*]Fantastic Sound. In a game where the sound is key, such as Dead Space, you truly notice how omnipotent each noise can be. You get a true sense of direction from every sound too. I was even hearing a conversation take place between two people standing in front of me, and I when one person talking it would come from the front, but slightly to the left. And when the other person spoke it came from the front, but slightly to the right. It wasn't just one wall of sound coming from the same direction.
[*]Good bass. They were surprisingly good at picking up on bass lines, and in any instance where there might be an in-game rumble or thud the headphones do a good job of converting it for your hearing pleasure.


[*]Lots of wires. It was like connecting a complex tapestry of water pipes underneath a busy part of London or something. Having said that, only one comes out of the headphones, so the rest will nestle somewhere behind your XBOX.
[*]Audiophiles Beware. If you're someone who can pick up on every drop in noise quality and really dissect the way the treble and bass are being converted, then you're going to be disappointed. But then, if you are that person, you'd be looking into buying a 200 quid pair of Senheisser headphones or something. Everyone else will be very chuffed with just how much bang you get for 40 quid.
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