5.1 Home cinema with Optical input

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Found 13th Aug 2010
Hi all. I was wondering if anyone could assist with recommending the best value 5.1 home cinema kit I can connect my ps3 to utilising the digital output on the ps3 for surround sound?

Many thanks!



I've got one if those great all rounder and a good price for what you get

Personally I had a samsung and it broke 4 times within a year sony i have no experience with so cant say although my panasonic has been flawless in operation for over 2 years also could you explain what dg sound is as I've never heard that one. There is zero difference in DD sound delivered via optical, coax or HDMI. They are simply a stream of 1s and 0s. Nothing more, nothing less. Anyone who says that optical sounds better than coax, HDMI or vice-versa is simply blowing smoke

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Thanks guys for your comments. Sorry might be being a bit of a noob here but I thought I would have to use the optical because there there is no HDMI input in most amplifiers therefore how would i get the ps3 video and audio to the TV via the amp?


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HDMI output, not input.


HD Sound sorry (although a bit of common sense would have revealed that), … HD Sound sorry (although a bit of common sense would have revealed that), and I didn't say better, optical does not have the bandwith to do it. If you want Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD you need a HDMI Amp.

That all depends on if the OP will be wanting to play Blu-Rays or DVDs.
Optical will be fine for DVDs, HDMI is best for Blu-Rays.

i play all types of audio and blu ray and even have my virgin cable box hooked up and im quite happy with what i get for an entry level system the panasonic in my eyes via optical is brilliant and will do the job just fine without spending loads of cash sure you can spend 500+ upto 15 or 100k for top end speakers but at the end of the day the panasonic or any other make for that matter is simple some have docks for ipods all play dvds and at the moment for what i need it fits my needs perfectly

so totally up to you op but one thing i can say is with my posted model kicking out 1000w rms it goes louder than youl ever need :-)
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