5.1 Satellite speakers for Denon amp?

Found 27th Apr 2018
Hello. I have ordered the popular Denon AVR2400 amp but still unsure what 5.1 speaker package to use.

Our current setup are golf ball sized wall mounted satellite speakers but are 11 years old now and are proprietry with the Amp and Sub as its an AllInOne system.
So looking for small(ish) wall mountable satellite speakers to go with the new Denon amp.

Already found these but unsure:

Cambridge Audio Minx 22 with 301 sub
Q Acoustics 3000i or 7000i Plus
Kef e305
Mission M3 cubes
Monitor Audio Mass

Budget wise - Unsure whether expensive speakers are worth it for a small-medium sized living room.

Any recomendations please I would be grateful. Thanks!
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Richer sounds would be able to setup a demo room for you to have a listen. If you have one close and they have the speakers in question. That is the best first point of call to me.
My personal choice from the list above would be Q Acoustics or Monitor Audio. Q acoustics will be marginally better, but they are more expensive than the monitors. If you want decent setup in budget monitors wouldn't be a bad choice.
I had a really good setup about 15 years ago - the amp stopped working, and a friend dropped the centre speaker when I moved, but I still use the main speakers for stereo tv sound they are brilliant - better than any soundbar I've heard.
They are Kef35.2's
But I would consider the Monitor Audio speakers, maybe mission as well - you really need to have a listen though.
Take in a blu-ray that has good a variety of sounds.
thanks guys for your responses. Appreciate it!
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