5.1 Sound system wanted.

    Hi all , looking for a sound system for my new hd tv and hd player, i will need either a hdmi one of pref a optical out.

    Not looking to spend the earth so cheap as poss with good quality .

    Thanks in advance!



    I found this for under £30, do not know whether its any good or not for what you need it for, but a friend has it, and rates it!…htm

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    Dont look very good!, plus no details on if ts hdmi or optical.

    Thanks anyway!

    hey mate - i have searched high and low for the ultimate cheap 5.1 optical input system and the winner was the Logitech Z-5400 ( for around £150 )

    but it's getting hard to find so you better get your skates on - or maybe look to ebay.

    the Logitech Z-5500 is £50 more but more readily available and maybe not really worth the extra cash.

    or go down the route of buying an entry level AV amp like:…400
    and a cheap set of speakers like:…110

    final option is to go somewhere like and post an ad on the wanted page literally saying "wanted : 5.1 amp with speakers, starters kit. nice and cheap please?"
    that's pretty much what i ended up doing and got a great little setup that is the envy of all my buddies for £150. obviously this route is the most hassle + no year guarentee, etc + if you live out in the sticks there might be nothing nearby to pickup.

    unfortunately there is NO way of getting really cheap, true 5.1
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