5.1 Speaker help, Totally Lost

    I am looking to buy some 5.1 surround speaker for my room whch id say is about 10" by 15". I'd want to have my speakers around my room so i get "the full experience".
    I would be putting my xbox 360, wii and pc through the speakers...

    Can someone please tell me EVERYTHING i would need to make this happen?

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    It would be very hard for someone to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know in one go.
    Invariably they will need to ask questions and this will all take time inputing like this.
    Your best bet is to go to a specialist Hi-Fi shop down the high street and ask the peeps in there.
    And I DON'T mean Currys or Dixons I mean somewhere like Chew & Osbourne in Epping.
    Google it and then try and find something similar near to you.
    They will be best able to help you and will invariably have loads of questions to ask YOU before they can advise what is best.


    Try ] will have everything you need
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